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Islam is a conscious faith, a lifestyle choice and intelligent belief system. Thus, its approach to marriage is also based on sensible and sophisticated guidelines. Marriage changes people and marriage changes over time. It offers a safe space for growth and readjustments. This book looks at marriage and offers practical, sensible and intelligent solutions based on classical Islamic teachings, contemporary scientific research and relationship exerpertise. This book is suitable for those seeking to get married as well as those who have been married for years. An authentic and practical book with all theory you need to lead an islamically inspired family life.

This book covers virtues of marriage, love, differences and equality between men and women, partnership, expectations, compatibility, sex and intimacy, communication, children, in-laws and how to get married?

This book has been reviewed by renowned scholars from all over the world including Sheikh Haytham Tamim U.K, Sheikh Yasir Qadi USA, Dr Jamal Badawi Canada, Dr Akram Nadwi, Sheikh Babikar, sister Fatima Barakatullah and Henrietta Szovati.

Sheikh Haytham Tamim said, “Bold in addressing certain taboo issues and cultural practices…it’s a fresh authentic, and practical book.”

Sheikh Yasir Qadi said, “Written in an engaging style…what will surely be of enormous benefit to couples who are looking for a practical guide to help them better their marriages.”

Dr Akram Nadwi said, “Extremely beneficial…very practical and easy to understand…we will promote it and recommend it to our students.”

Fatima Barakatullah said, “This thoughtful and delightful book…reminds us that there is both spiritual and material preparation to do. I’ll certainly be getting copies…”

Henrietta Szováti, his wife said, “His knowledge as an Imam is sound, his experience as a relationship counsellor is convincing and while he writes, he practices his teachings.”

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